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Is AWS Glacier Deep Archive the Tape Killer? – Data Center Knowledge – Bottomless cloud storage at cents per gigabyte for your cold tier might sound like the end of tape, but there’s more to consider than cost.

How Tinder creates better matches using AWS image recognition technology – ComputerWorld – Popular dating app Tinder is using image recognition technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power its matching algorithm for premium users.

Why AWS Is Getting into the Satellite Data Business – Data Center Knowledge – As more satellites are hurled into space, ground-station access becomes the biggest satellite-data bottleneck.

Off-the-shelf AWS service RoboMaker aims to bring robots to life – SiliconANGLE – Whether robots are helping fulfillment in warehouses, assisting those in need, or acting as security guards, these useful aids are filling niches in more and more places.

Data Workflow Forums

The Data Workflow Forums bring domain experts, technology vendors, and organizations together to discuss, review and explore new data workflows that solve existing business problems for unstructured data management at scale. You should attend for 3 simple...

AWS #3 Storage Vendor Today, #1 in 2020

There's a lot of data published every day about the revenue and growth rate of the enterprise storage vendors, and about the overall growth rate for public cloud Infrastructure-as-as-Service (Iaas) providers. But to the best of our knowledge, no one has...

AWS Dominates IT Pro Voting

In the 2018 IaaS Brand Leader Survey conducted by IT Brand Pulse, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected by IT Pros as Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support, and Innovation Leader for all 14 IaaS product categories. Azure and IBM Perceived as...

News From AWS

Announcing latest release of AWS Thinkbox Deadline with support for Luxion Keyshot

Alexa for Business now lets you access usage metrics for shared devices and private skills

AWS CloudFormation macros can now be used in templates with nested stacks

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The Competition 

Here’s Why Microsoft Could Beat Amazon On Cloud In 2 Years – Seeking Alpha – It took twelve years for the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market to reach $40 billion – but will take only three years for the next $40 billion to accumulate. 

Microsoft’s cloud business could be bigger than Windows by 2021, KeyBanc says – CNBC – While Microsoft is arguably best known for being the company behind Windows, its cloud business could soon be a bigger deal in terms of revenue.

Microsoft Enhances Azure For Running Container, IoT And Machine Learning Workloads – Forbes– Microsoft hosted a virtual event called Microsoft Connect(); to make strategic announcements related to developers tools, platforms, and cloud.

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McAfee moves further into cloud with support for AWS Security Hub – SiliconANGLE – While many consider cloud computing to be fairly secure, anything is hackable. And McAfee LLC has seen more than its share of vulnerabilities, both on-premises and in the cloud. 

Cloud security: The latest thinking, a guide to implementing cloud securely – Information Age – Today, cloud is considered in some cases to be more secure than on premises solutions.

Pitfalls to avoid when configuring cloud firewalls – SecurityBrief– Simple configuration errors in cloud-based application deployments are still making a splash in the media – and they’re not going away.

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Amazon AWS is the monster that pioneered Infrastructure as a Service, recently passed the $10B per year revenue run rate, and gobbled up a third of the IaaS market. AWS is launching new products, opening new data centers, and reducing prices at a dazzling rate–creating the need for a news organization that can keep pace. IT Brand Pulse responded with the AWS Daily News, the only publication 100% focused on covering news from around the world about Amazon AWS.


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