Today’s AWS News

AWS’ 6 Huge Generative AI Products
Amazon Web Services has huge plans in store to drive newly released artificial intelligence solutions via partners as AWS begins “democratizing access” to generative AI for customers across the globe

Don’t be fooled by slowing cloud growth: Cost optimization is a feature, not a bug
Hyperscale clouds remain the epicenter of innovation in tech and foundation models such as GPT will only serve to harden this fundamental fact.

AWS Marketplace Hits 330,000 Active Customers: Here’s Why
AWS’ global channel chief, Ruba Borno, discusses new improvements on the AWS Marketplace and making the online store ‘a place where our SI partners can reach new customers.’

Google Vs. Amazon Vs. Microsoft: Q1 Cloud Earnings Face-Off
CRN compares the cloud results of AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft as the three companies each recently reported their Q1 2023 earnings.

AWS suffers year-on-year drop in profit and revenue growth as enterprises curb cloud spend
The annual revenue growth rate for Amazon’s cloud arm is continuing to slow, as enterprises look for ways to optimize the costs involved in running their IT estates off-premise, as evidenced by the e-commerce giant’s first-quarter results for 2023.

Storage as a Service Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2030
Global Market Vision added a research publication document on Worldwide Storage as a Service Market breaking major business segments and highlighting wider-level geographies to get a deep-dive market data analysis.

Partners and Solutions

 AWS announced general availability of new EC2 I4g instances featuring AWS-designed Graviton processors
AWS has announced general availability of new storage-optimized Amazon EC2 I4g instances featuring AWS-designed Graviton processors and AWS Nitro SSDs.

Amazon’s Prime Video Pivots Away From AWS Microservices Architecture
Amazon Prime has made a major change, moving from microservices to a monolith application and cutting costs by 90%.

AWS Introduces Athena Provisioned Capacity
AWS recently announced a new feature, Provisioned Capacity for Athena, that allows users to run SQL queries on fully managed compute capacity for a fixed price and no long-term commitments.

Couchbase Launches ISV Starter Factory on AWS
The new program supports ISVs with additional tools and resources required to build and monetize their applications with Couchbase Capella™ Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

HPE’s Ulrich Seibold On GreenLake’s Mulitcloud AWS, Azure Prowess And How Partners Can Get A ‘Huge Business Advantage’
New HPE Worldwide Vice President of GreenLake Partner & Service Provider Sales Ulrich Seibold says the edge to cloud service powerhouse is already able to provide a single bill for complex AWS and Azure services combined with GreenLake.

How to Get Your Enterprise Data Center Storage Deployments Edge Ready
In this article, learn best practices for preparing enterprise data center storage deployments to be edge ready.

The Competition

Microsoft and Google inch closer to AWS in Q1 cloud market
Public cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud control a whopping 65% of the growing global cloud market, but long-time hyperscale leader AWS struggled to post first-quarter growth like that of its main rivals, according to new data from Synergy Research Group (SRG)

Battle for the Cloud Market
While Amazon has kept a healthy lead for now, both Microsoft and Google are inching closer to the market leader in this cloud services battle.

Amazon now the most popular Java Development Kit vendor for production, says observability survey
A new “State of the Java ecosystem” survey by observability company New Relic states that the Amazon JDK (Java Development Kit) is now the most widely used, with 31.35 percent adoption versus 28.75 percent for second-placed Oracle.

Oracle Announces Updates to Its Autonomous Data Warehouse
Oracle today announced new innovations to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the industry’s first and only autonomous database powered by machine learning and optimized for analytics workloads.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Transcends Data Management Limitations

Oracle today announced new innovations to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the industry’s first and only autonomous database powered by machine learning and optimized for analytics workloads.



AWS open-sources snapshot fuzzing and policy authorization tools
Fuzzing is a technique that’s used to discover security issues in software, especially open-source projects.

AWS Verified Access becomes generally available

Introduced in November 2022, AWS Verified Access integrates with the login menu of organizations internal applications, performing a check on inputted credentials and taking the appropriate action on each access request.

T-Mobile US suffers second data theft within months

Its first reported breach was in 2018 when two million records were accessed along with hashed passwords, and a year later more than a million customers had their data exposed.


AWS Leapfrogs Traditional Vendors to Become #1 in Enterprise Storage

In 2018, IT Brand Pulse observed that no one published estimates of how much revenue the cloud service providers derive from storage, and where that places them in the rankings of storage leaders. This inspired us to publish a LinkedIn article connecting various...

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